We support organisations with:

Rapid Prototyping

Accelerating the speed of bringing products to market

End-Use Components

Flexible and cost-effective low-volume manufacture

Moulds & Tooling

Low-cost, flexible and complex tooling solutions

Replacement Tools

Hassle free manufacture of lost or bespoke tools

Complex Jigs & Fixtures

Rapid turnaround of assembly or machining fixtures

Obsolescence Management

On-demand production of legacy components

What makes us different?

Process Innovation

Proprietary know-how of innovative methods for optimised topology, soluble cores and joining methods

End-to-End Delivery

The ability to deliver projects from start to finish, from reverse engineering to post-processing & inspection

Rapid Problem-Solving Culture

A motorsport-bred organisational culture that focuses on speed, agility and innovation

Multi-Material Experience

Integration of ‘Additive’ in to complete component manufacture including metals & composites

Engineering Quality and Standards

High-performance engineering levels of quality, tolerance and inspection standards

Some examples of our work

200miles of filament
38876hours of printing
4863jobs completed
19806parts delivered