Amilcar C6

KWSP was approached by a classic car collector to re-engineer and re-manufacture a one-off gearbox cover for their 1927 Amilcar C6 Voiturette, only one of six ever imported in to the UK


The Challenge

  • The only data available of the component was a grainy photograph
  • The owner wanted the component to be the same concept and material as the original

The Requirements

  • Adherence to the original concept and design
  • In-situ testing and validation to ensure fit and functionality
  • Final component to be cast in aluminium

The Approach

  • The original housing was 3D scanned and manipulated in CAD to identify mechanical interfaces and geometry
  • The gearbox cover was then designed in CAD by KWSP’s engineers
  • Kinetic simulation was conducted for three linkage mechanism concepts before 3D printing the entire assembly for validation
  • Casting was finally completed of the validated solution

The Results

  • Confidence: Rendered 3D images of the engine cover allowed designs to be reviewed and signed off by the customer
  • Speed: From creation of CAD data to functional parts manufacture took less than 24 hours
  • Futureproofing: Creation and storage of a digital asset ready for future optimisation and spares


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