ToPCaT-M1 ThermoPlastic Carbon Tub, KW Motorsport

ToPCaT-M1 (ThermoPlastic Carbon Tub, Manufacturing stage 1) will deliver a proof of concept of a new type of low cost carbon composite intensive monocoque/tub.

Currently almost all carbon composite chassis for racecars and automotive applications are thermoset composite parts that require long cure cycles and are difficult and costly to recycle.


Thermoplastics, commonly used in Aerospace applications are often formed rather than moulded and since heating and forming process can be reversed the materials are easily recycle-able.


These materials are well established and are being used in many aerospace applications. Their use in fabricating a motorsport or automotive tub application is an innovative application that has some technical challenges and design constraints to overcome.


KWM intends to solve these problems through R&D to build of a proof of concept prototype that will be tested initially in an existing racecar application.




Supported by NEP
Project Co-funded by Innovate UK