March 09R

 KWM set out to create a modern version of the classic March 75S race car.


The Challenge

  • Only 5 March 75S cars were ever made, aimed at competing in the European 2 Litre Sports Championship.
  • KWM set about reverse engineering the March 75S to create a modern breed of the classic race car suitable for the Sports 2000 motorsport series regulations.

The Requirements

  • Despite being based on a historic vehicle, the full vehicle programme had to adhere to all of the technical requirements of modern motorsport series, including:
    • Safety regulations
    • 2 Litre engine restrictions
    • Competitive pressures of a modern series

The Approach

  • KWM firstly reverse engineered the 09R from the bodywork of the original March 75S.
  • CAD data was then transferred in to CFD software to optimise the aerodynamic shape.
  • The monocoque was then constructed in aerospace aluminium incorporating a safety cell, front impact crash box and roll over structure.
  • The entire design was validated using computer simulation and FEA.

The Results

  • Down force to drag ratio was increased from 1 to 4.5.
  • The 09R was immediately competitive, taking numerous podiums in its first season.
  • Following further development, the 09R shone at the Brands Hatch GP enduro, taking the lead early and leading almost every lap before taking victory.


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