About us, KW Motorsport

Who we are

KW Motorsport is a high performance motorsport engineering company with a history of innovative race car and chassis design.

Following on from his position as Head of Special Projects at Reynard Motorsport Kieron Salter launched KWM in 2003 to develop high performance race cars and light weight structures in particular for endurance and Le Mans 24 hour racing.

KWM offers high performance engineering services including whole vehicle & sub-system design to the motorsport and niche vehicle sectors.

KWM has successfully transferred technology capabilities (such as experience in light weight structures) and motorsport ethos to other sectors. The resulting technology transfer led to the creation of KW Special Projects Limited in 2012 set up to exploit technology transfer to non-motorsport sectors.

Based in Brackley adjacent to F1 team Mercedes AMG Petronas’s facilities, KWM is at the heart of the UK’s thriving “Motorsport Valley” and part of a concentration of over 1000 companies in Northamptonshire that form the “High Performance Technologies Cluster”.

With 6000 sq ft of office and R&D workshop space, Unit 6 has the ability to facilitate large projects including design engineering, on-site assembly, testing, R&D and commissioning.

The team are qualified post-graduate engineers. Our expertise is in exploiting the transferable nature of high performance technology from one sector to another.